Practice Management Solutions Consultants

Our team includes degreed accounting and insurance claims professionals, that have over 25 years of combined practice management experience.

Patient Accounts

Claims are submitted electroncially through a HIPAA compliant process, for faster payment. We continue to work with the insurance company until the claim has been satisfied. The patient is billed for any remaining amount due. Our team professionally manages the entire patient account and claim process.

Practice Management

Provide you with detailed reports regarding the statistical analysis of your practice. Patient reminder calls. Strategic process and system development.

Provider Relations Services

Our team works with insurance companies to keep your credentials current, so you are paid at the highest rate. We can help you negotiate contracts with insurance companies.

Financial Management

Our degreed accounting professionals can help financially manage your practice. We can write your checks, balance your bank statements, prepare your financial reports, and even process your payroll or self-employment tax deposits, and tax returns.

    In short ... you see the patient, and we will take care of the rest.